08/15/2013   Press Release  Video Governor Snyder makes Aquaculture stop in Delta County.

07/25/2013   Press Release VanAire Inc. to Be Featured on 21st Century Business Television Series

05/09/2013    Press Release  Delta County Launches A Comprehensive Technology Action Plan.  
05/02/2013    Video  The Lofts on Ludington and Escanaba were featured on an episode of
                        "Under the Radar-Michigan. 
   Press Release  Escanaba City Council approves sale of 3.16 acres to Bell's
                        Brewery, Inc., a Michigan Corporation, in the amount of $30 for the construction of
                        a brewery and bottling manufacturing plan.  

03/21/2013    Press Release VanAire, Incorporated Announces 2012 Results; Plans for 2013. 

01/29/2013    Press Release Delta Green Intergrator Launches in Michigan.