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Michigan WORKS! UPWard Talent Council

Delta County Economic Development Alliance partners with Michigan WORKS! to aid businesses in the development of their workforce.  If your business needs assistance in the areas of expansion or retention, then the local Michigan WORKS! Service Center located in Escanaba Michigan is your number one resource.  Michigan Works provides support for business in the areas of Recruiting, Screening, and Temporary HR Facilities.  Once hired, Michigan WORKS! continues to support your business through training. 

Mailing and Telephone Recruitment
Membership Data Base
Newspaper Recruitment and Cost Share
MEDC Jobs Portal 

Application Collection
Application Screening (ABC)
Pre-Employment Assessment
Staff to Coordinate Interview and Assessment Schedules
Design Behavioral Interviewing Process

Design of Process
Applicant Scheduling
Assessment Scheduling, Administration and Scoring
Interview Scheduling
New Employee Orientation Site

             Temporary Private Office that includes office supplies and equipment
*Phone  Fax  * Internet Access * PCs * Utilities  *Copier  *Supplies
Incumbent Worker Application Process
Customized Training – M-Tec or NMU
On-Site Workshops at Michigan Works or at Company Site
Potential OJT for Eligible Applicants
Manufacturing Regional Skills Alliance
Capacity for Manufacturer Training Programs