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Ed Legault

Executive Director

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A Delta County native, Ed graduated from Escanaba Area Public High School and earned an B.S. in Business Administration & Finance from Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

After college, Ed spent the next 33 years in other parts of the United States working primarily for two companies, AT&T for 20 years and Citigroup for 9 years.  Both of the companies believed in job diversity and leadership training.  Ed was promoted 7 times during his career, having experience in Call Center Management, Marketing, Sales Management, Vendor Management, Channel Operations & Executive Asset Sales.  The opportunities led to moves to Milwaukee, WI, Kansas City, MO, Morristown, NJ and St. Louis, MO.  

In Spring 2012, Ed returned home fulfilling a long-time wish for his family. Wanting to give something back to the community and area where he grew up, Ed became the Executive Director for the Escanaba Downtown Development Authority for 7 years. He has also been an active member in the community serving on the Delta County Chamber Board and the Escanaba Country Club Board. In the spring of 2020, he joined the EDA as Executive Director. In this role, he has incorporated his hands-on approach helping many businesses weather the storm through the Covid-19 pandemic.  He is an open & honest communicator that has continued to build solid value-added partnerships with those he interacts with.

"Growing up in Delta County was a blessing I didn’t understand until I  spent so much time away in other parts of the Country.  I really enjoyed the experience living in other places, but nothing compares to the beauty & lifestyle in Upper Michigan. I look forward to helping Delta County & its businesses be the best they can be.  Delta County has many exciting opportunities for the future! 

There is no better place to live, work & play than Delta County! "​

 The efforts of the EDA are supplemented by our Commerce Center partner organizations. Housed under the same roof, the partners specialize in specific aspects of Delta County business. We work together seamlessly to deliver the best Customer Service possible to you.

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